Sensual You

I am learning how powerful an understanding of one’s own sensuality can be. I feel strongly that I could only have made it so far in business before I was stopped at an impasse regarding this. Like the piece of a puzzle that fits into place perfectly, I am in relationship with a part of myself that I, quite frankly, am getting to know.

When some people hear the word sensuality they think of sex however, in this case what I am speaking of is the aspects of womanhood that should be celebrated, but in society we have been taught to be afraid of, mask, hide, be ashamed of, and whatever else you can think of. Those aspects such as internal beauty, appreciating our own power, intuition, our ability to run a household and run a business, our ability to be intimately close to our closest friends, etc.

In my opinion because we have been taught the aforementioned, it has been easy for woman to learn to despise their own femininity and to despise other woman! Of course the media indulges our anger toward one another with the various reality t.v. shows where you constantly see women fighting one another, not just for a man, but over whatever else we can hate each other for. Hair, nails, shoes, job, religion, etc., etc.

As I am learning to love ALL aspects of myself, I evolve in understanding my love toward sisterhood and womanhood. I am really appreciating this ride!

Welcome to the Path of Self Awareness

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