Change the Lids and They Still Fit


This morning I noticed that there were two hair care products sitting on the sink in my bathroom which I had used on my daughter’s hair the previous day.

What was remarkable about what I saw was that I, in a haste to have my daughter go to bed in a timely manner for school the next day, had reversed the lids to each hair care product but THE LIDS STILL FIT! CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

As I assessed what I had done, I realized that a metaphor was emerging just from a consistent stare in wonderment, that I had reversed the lids to  the two of these much needed and appreciated hair care products!

What is the metaphor? You may be asking. PATIENCE!

I’m certainly going to tell you! 

First let us recognize the differences in these two hair care products and then their similarities.

Differences: The container of each product was a different color, the design and packaging were different, the consistency of the products themselves were different, and ultimately the “holding” strength was different.

Similarities: The VISIBLE similarities, were that they were both for the hair, both were meant to hold the hair in place, both smelled really good, and obviously the lid sizes were the same, and the lids were the same color.

A Change in Perspective

Although there were both similarities and differences comparatively, BOTH products ultimately provided the SAME RESULT…..TO HOLD THE HAIR IN PLACE!

Although our external packaging may look different, ultimately WE are more alike than different but WE are all certainly ONE so the Lid Still Fits!

Welcome to the Path of Self Awareness

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