What Is Your Communication With Money?

What Is Your Communication With Money?

Are you aware of your communication/relationship with money

Find out how I became aware of my communication/relationship with money.



Brand Yourself

Brand YOU!

I am really feeling the desire to express how important it is to Brand YOURSELF.

Let me explain.

I started my coaching and mentoring business two years ago this past March and immediately did what a lot of people do. I called it something else other than my own name. Which is fine but not great. At least in my opinion.

Thanks to Tracey Walker, with Empower Network,  I understand the importance of branding my own name.

Here are some of the things I learned in going through the process of creating a brand using a “company name” vs. branding yourself.

1) You don’t have to call your company something else in order for it to be recognized by others. In fact it’s probably more difficult to recognized by your friends and family because guess what? IT’S NOT YOU! LOL

2) You have to work hard to identify with a name other than your name. My current company is called Motivation Made Simple, and although I like and identify with what I am trying to portray through this name, it is just that…a name I had to try to identify with.

My Name As A Brand

3) There’s nothing wrong with MY NAME as a brand name. In fact, there’s EVERYTHING right with my name as a brand name because it accurately reflects WHO I AM and WHAT I’M ABOUT.

What do I mean by this?

There’s one thing I know better than anything else… that’s myself, or at least I have mastered the art of getting to know myself which brings me to number 4.

4) Things certainly do change! Although I thought that I accurately expressed my company through the name I chose, I have grown to understand that not only do I motivate as reflected in the brand name Motivation Made Simple…..I INSPIRE people! This is my true passion…TO INSPIRE OTHERS!

5) Don’t box yourself in. At times, when we have chosen a name that is other than our own, we box ourselves into the idea that came along with that name in terms of company growth.

6) Last but certainly not least, the world deserves to get to know YOU,who you are and what you stand for through your name as a brand.

I believe it’s much easier for a person to show themselves to the world when you are using your own name!

Start marketing yourself as a brand today!


Keep Singing

Keep Singing Even If You Don’t Know The Words

I woke up yesterday to the vocal stylings of my son Michael singing the song Viva La Vida by the group Coldplay!

I didn’t know the name of the song or the group at the time but NEITHER DID HE!


It was GREAT!




Even though he didn’t know the words to the song he kept singing as if he did!

It taught me so many things about DREAMING. Click the link to join and reawaken your dreams.

The fact that we, as adults, think we need to have all the answers; That in order to hold on to the dream we have inside, we have to know the who, what, when, where and why of it all.

We think we HAVE TO know the words to the song that our heart is singing.

We couldn’t be further from understanding the reality of it.

Singing Does  A Mind Good



You’re smiling already!

As you continue to listen to the song that your heart is singing, your dream, you begin the become more and more in tune.

You start to know the words because everything about you desires to be in concert with YOUR SONG.

Amazing how just an exercise in singing WITHOUT KNOWING the words, can teach us so much.

Thanks to my son Michael Scott, and thank YOU for stopping by!

Thank you in advance for visiting my website by clicking the link below and “TUNING” in to your hearts song.


Forgiveness Equals Money?

Forgiveness Equals Money!

I was recently doing a meditation and focusing my intention on how much money I will be making through Empower Network.

I began to focus, making sure that I searched my entire being in order to see if there were any hidden reservations within me, that would be a possible hindrance to my ability to manifest EXACTLY the amount of money I desire.

How can you tell whether their are hindrances to your making money through Empower Network?

Your body will tell you if there is any reservation or hindrance to what you desire.

After all, the reason you don’t have what you desire RIGHT NOW is because of the hindrance that has been allowed to exist thus far, so it’s definitely worth investigating.

How will your body inform you of potential hindrances to making money through Empower Network?

Your body will tell you by indicating your level of anxiety or fear, based on the thought that you are focusing on.

I know!

Interesting right?

Anyway, it turns out that what was brought to my attention was ironic to say the least.

The word that came to me was FORGIVE!




So what does FORGIVENESS have to do with money?

This wasn’t the question I asked at the time, however it makes perfect sense!

What I was shown was a piece of paper at the bottom of a sea bed and on top of the paper was a brick.

The piece of paper represented myself, while the brick represented the “weight of un-forgiveness.”

When we have ANY level of un-forgiveness, resentment,anger,etc. toward another, or others, we cannot function at our optimal level of creativity and in turn, what would effortlessly come to us,cannot, because we are too “weighed down” to flow with the limitlessness of the Universe.

Making sense now?

The lesson:

Let’s forgive quickly so that we can function and receive to our fullest capacity, in the limitlessness and boundlessness of this awesome UNIVERSE!

As YOU grow, your BUSINESS grows~Lisa

Thanks for stopping by!

Contact me @ lisascott858@msn.com to learn more about growing your business.


I Vote That My School Teach Computer Programming!

Is going to School Teaching us Everything There is to Know?

When I was in school, computer programming or becoming a computer engineer didn’t seem like an option.

It seemed that doing something like this would be hard and scary.

Isn’t it just like people to shoot something down before you’ve even given yourself the chance to see what it’s about?

No matter how much you would like for someone to get it, they simply won’t if they are not in the same state of mind as you are.

Which by the way is absolutely fine, but the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Will.I.Am from the music group the black eye peas, understand how important it is to NOT just follow the crowd.

Each one of these big names has earned the respected position to be considered a “great mind”, in their own right, and what they say about computer programming in school, makes me feel like I can do it!

Going To School Can Be Exciting Afterall!

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can, is what I hear myself saying after viewing the video which speaks to this piece of information which seems to be just under the radar as far as importance in our schools or at least, computer programming and computer engineering don’t seem to be pushed enough for our school aged children.

If this were not the case, then your friendly neighborhood school would be teaching the information.

Check it out and see if this is the case after doing a little homework on the benefits to your child understanding this global language!


Thanks for visiting!


Until I Get A New Home You Can’t Come Over

New Home

Listen! I currently live in a 4 bedroom town home that needs some work.

It’s not a piece of crap but it definitely needs a little work.

This blog is an awesome metaphor(click this think for metaphorical writings from Living The Creative) for what allot of people believe regarding getting assistance from others.

What I mean by this, is that some people believe that a person has to be 100% perfect (or a newly constructed home) before they will receive help or assistance from that person.

I think this is not 100% accurate. This is just my opinion.

I don’t believe this is your opinion either.

A New Home for Professionals

The reason I say this is because people go to doctors all the time to help with various things such as smoking when the doctor smokes, weight-loss “gurus” who are overweight, psychiatrists who have problems themselves, and the list goes on and on.

This is not to come down on doctors, but just to prove my point that there are many homes that need to get it together so to speak, and definitely don’t live in a new home, symbolically speaking.

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t believe you should go to someone who is completely off the mark, but if a person has at least gone through what you have, and come out on the other side; Although the person may not be 100% perfect, they may be perfect for you to learn and understand what you need to know.

The home may not be a new home, but it’s definitely an appreciated shelter.

Welcome to the Path to Self Awareness

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Change the Lids and They Still Fit


This morning I noticed that there were two hair care products sitting on the sink in my bathroom which I had used on my daughter’s hair the previous day.

What was remarkable about what I saw was that I, in a haste to have my daughter go to bed in a timely manner for school the next day, had reversed the lids to each hair care product but THE LIDS STILL FIT! CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

As I assessed what I had done, I realized that a metaphor was emerging just from a consistent stare in wonderment, that I had reversed the lids to  the two of these much needed and appreciated hair care products!

What is the metaphor? You may be asking. PATIENCE!

I’m certainly going to tell you! 

First let us recognize the differences in these two hair care products and then their similarities.

Differences: The container of each product was a different color, the design and packaging were different, the consistency of the products themselves were different, and ultimately the “holding” strength was different.

Similarities: The VISIBLE similarities, were that they were both for the hair, both were meant to hold the hair in place, both smelled really good, and obviously the lid sizes were the same, and the lids were the same color.

A Change in Perspective

Although there were both similarities and differences comparatively, BOTH products ultimately provided the SAME RESULT…..TO HOLD THE HAIR IN PLACE!

Although our external packaging may look different, ultimately WE are more alike than different but WE are all certainly ONE so the Lid Still Fits!

Welcome to the Path of Self Awareness

To find out why I have chosen this blogging platform…

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