Help Me Help You Help Me

People are scared to ask for help.

People believe that if they ask for help that they are showing a sign of weakness.

Actually it’s quite the contrary.

If we continue to suffer in silence, we grow weaker and weaker because we didn’t try to receive help.

When you receive help and begin to feel better, I feel better too.

As the character Jerry McGuire iterates, that for another person to have more desire, and put forth more effort toward you than you put forth for yourself can be “An up at dawn, pride swallowing SEIGE!”

We will automatically in some way, shape, or form, drag others into our problems if we don’t get the help that we need and deserve.

After all, don’t we all want to achieve the QUAN!


Did you know that everyone on the entire planet carries an energetic vibration that affects whatever it comes in contact with?

When your energy is vibrationally low, or you haven’t gotten help, you affect those around you.

Now that you understand how your NOT receiving help for whatever ails you,not only impacts you but others,does this change your mind about receiving help?

I sure hope so!

Don’t let your cry for help be a silent cry.

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“Helping people to achieve their fullest potential, as I learn to live my fullest potential~Lisa

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How OLD Are You?

Do you happen to be telling yourself how OLD you are? “I feel this way because I’m OLD. This happened because I’m OLD. I can’t wear certain clothes because I’m OLD. I can’t wear my hair long because I’m OLD,” etc., etc. Did you know that as you tell yourself these words, your body yields to your will. That’s right! Your WILL BE DONE. The cells of your body are their own community, communicating the energy and vibration of your will. CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and out of your same two eyes, you will see things differently. I refuse to contract with OLD. Me and OLD are not friends! I don’t have a contractual AGREEMENT with OLD! I can’t (necessarily) control everything, but I can pay ATTENTION to my thoughts and how I feel about what I’m thinking and as a result, I don’t LOOK or FEEL old! Speak love, long life, prosperity and health to YOURSELF, and over time I guarantee a change in your heart and mind.
Welcome to the Path of Self Awareness

Heal Thy Self

I had a revelatory morning involving another layer of my own healing process.

It began as I noticed a discomfort in my lower belly area in the wee hours of this morning! I have had this feeling before, however for some reason I wanted to stay focused enough to understand the root cause of this feeling. The area of the abdomen I am referring to holds the energy center (chakra) related to: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality. As I began to process and try to get to the root cause, something remarkable began to happen. I began to remember my childhood when I was 7 years old! An event occurred, and because the purpose of this post is not the event itself, I will not go into details. We all go through something that tries to take away a belief that we hold about ourselves, leaving us with the memory of the event, and remembering would work to my advantage today. It was helpful to have a starting point by which to figure out when certain feelings began. In this case the feeling of being IGNORED. It appears that above and beyond the event itself, I began to ignore myself as a result of it. I have ignored how beautiful I am as a woman. In various ways such as when passing a mirror. Instead of acknowledging my beauty, I would act as if it doesn’t matter, or I would know intellectually that I am beautiful but not feel it in my heart. These were some of my signs but yours may be different.  Just by knowing this new-found information I felt a rush of pure joy in understanding some of what has caused this discomfort and could feel the same area that has caused me discomfort, clearing and feeling wonderful! It was like a missing piece to a puzzle. I realized again that all in all, the most paramount of all relationships is the one you have with and toward yourself. I know I am beautiful. I know I am worth it. I love myself! I am blessed this day with a more complete understanding and can continue to move on.

Together, let us move through the next level of your healing.

Welcome to the Path of Self Awareness